Body Sculpting Home Gym- Elite


Body Sculpting Home Gym- Elite

Product description

Full Home Gym with Covered Resistance Bands, Handles, Cuffs, Anchors and Carry Bag

FitCord's "ELITE" Body Sculpting Band Load System is the perfect mid-range system. The Band Load concept provides up to 102 lbs of resistance for various exercises. The elite home gym system comes complete with all of the components that you will need to do a variety of exercises for both the upper and lower body. This system comes complete with all of the components that you will need to do a variety of exercises for both the upper and lower body. This home resistance training equipment comes with cuffs, straps, anchors, and handles. PLUS our custom-made Band Wrap and a carry bag. 

All Body Sculpting Bands are 4ft in length (band portion only)

    Benefits of Safety Sleeve Technology™
    • No-Snap Bands 
    • American Made
    • Covered Rubber Tubing
    • Lasts over 150K pulls (independent laboratory tested) 
    • Tube Protected from Oil, Dirt and UV Rays that Damage the Rubber
    • Patented construction has proven to be safer for the user


  • 7lb Body Sculpting Band
  • 12lb Body Sculping Band
  • 18lb Body Sculpting Band
  • 25lb Body Sculpting Band
  • 40lb Body Sculpting Band
  • 3 Door Hinge Anchors
  • 1 Band Wrap
  • 2 Smooth Padded Handles
  • 2 Wrist Straps
  • 2 Ankle Cuffs
  • 1 Carry Bag
  • 1 Workout Chart
American Made Resistance Bands, stackable with clips for full home gym workout

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bob Boyd
Hands Down The Safest Resistance Bands

I have used many resistance bands over the years. None are as safe as these resistance bands with their superior, protective coverings. I was surprised at how strong and durable they are. They cost a little more than the inferior bands, but the cost is actually less expensive considering they will last longer and won't break as easily.

What a relief to not have to worry about a band snapping you in the eye. And when you unbox them, you will be surprised at how heavy duty these bands are. I've seen no bands that looked and felt as durable. Congrats to the people who invented these awesome bands.

Bob, first of all thank you so much for noticing our durability. Second, we were the first to have the safety sleeve design and we own the patent for it in the U.S., however we offered them to professionals for years, so thank you for noticing the quality of the bands. We take great pride in our product and all the custom parts that we use to manufacture them (here in the U.S.) Lastly, thank you for leaving this review.

Albert Iannucci
Body Sculpting Home Gym- Elite

Fantastic product . I have severe arthritis with my shoulder and the bands provide me with greater range of motion and strengthening for possible upcoming shoulder replacement surgery. My wife loves the bands as well. The quality of your product is far superior than any other bands that I have used in the past.

Thank you so much for the awesome review Albert!
Good Luck on your shoulder surgery. Hope you recover quickly.