FitCord Resistance Bands 3-Pack (12lb/18lb/25lb)


FitCord Resistance Bands 3-Pack (12lb/18lb/25lb)

Product description

 Workout at home with SAFE American Made Products! 


All FitCord Resistance Bands are 4ft in length (band portion only)

For Medium/Intermediate Fitness Level

FitCord bands are high-quality resistance bands designed with your safety in mind. We cover the rubber tubing to preserve the integrity of the band for longer lifespan and protection for you if the band breaks. We manufacture the bands here in the USA and use the highest quality materials so you get the highest quality product for about 40% less than other resistance bands of its kind. The covered bands are latex allergen-free since there is no contact with the band at all. This band is designed to be very versatile and can be used in over 100 exercises. 


  • Light (12lbs) FitCord Resistance Band
  • Medium (18lbs) FitCord Resistance Band
  • Heavy (25lbs)FitCord Resistance Band


American Made Resistance Bands are exercise bands safe

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Love them

    Great quality and love that they are made in the US.

    Seth, we appreciate you noticing the quality of our products. Thank you for the review.

    Anthony Clark
    Fit Cord resistance bands 3 pack

    These resistance bands are excellent quality and well made . Would recommend this product to anyone looking to purchase resistance bands.

    Thank you for the review Anthony, we really appreciate you taking the time to do this for us.

    Lynnette Jessop
    Love these

    I have moved up as each band becomes too easy to use. I am always surprised when the next band is the challenge. Of course that is what is supposed to happen. These have really improved my workouts and strength.

    Lynette, first of all Congrats on your progress and keep up the good work. Second, thank you for taking the time to review the products. Third and most importantly, thank you for being a loyal FitCord Customer. We look forward to making your next level bands.


    I suggest that the covering be made of a smoother fabric.

    Robert, thank you for the suggestion!
    I will pass this on to development, however I will let you know that the covering on the band is custom woven for our company. We choose this material over smoother material because it is safer and more durable. The material that makes it feel rough is actually what protects the covering from dry rot, fraying and protects the band underneath from elements that break it down.
    We are always open to improving our products, this will go to development. Thank you again.

    Stephen Boehringer
    Quality Product

    Fit cords are well made and the customer service was awesome.

    We are happy to help you Stephen. Thank you so much for the nice words about our staff and leaving us a review.