Resistance Exercise Belt

$15.00 $20.00 sale

Resistance Exercise Belt

$15.00 $20.00 sale

American Made

Lifetime Warranty

Safe to Use




Product description

The Fitness Belt is the perfect companion accessory for Rocket Bungees. Made with 2-inch wide Polypropylene webbing, this waist resistance band belt is adjustable and secured with a double D-ring. The floating O-ring gives you 360 degrees of motion which gives you the freedom to cut, swerve, and turn during training. Made in the USA. Rocket Bungees sold separately


  • Adjustable and secure
  • Floating O-ring for 360 training
  • Made in the USA

This belt will accommodate a 28" waist to a 50" waist.

The double d-ring design will not slip during use.

The floating 0-ring allows the user to move and change directions without rubbing the skin during use, and allows you to change exercises quickly and easily without removing the belt.